Saturday, March 25, 2017

Shot of the Day – 7 – Venus de Milo

Venus and her Many Admirers (29 April 2006)

Trolling around for shots to post, I came upon the image below and it inspired two thoughts. The scene…the world’s greatest and largest art museum…in a city that appreciates art and culture…in a country that wouldn’t think of eliminating national support for the arts.

Sure, some so-called artists produce ludicrous crap and some other people even extoll the crap in ways that I don’t get. BUT I will not deny artists and poets and actors and musicians enrich our lives. There are people who were born to create and they should be encouraged.

That was the first impression…reinforced by the release of our president’s proposed budget – a successful nation needs to recognize and support its culture. We need artists as much as we need soldiers, engineers and scientists.

The other thought is the lesson in the photo itself. Just like I did when I took a picture of the Poseidon statue in Athens, I was trying to capture as much of the central figure itself but lost awareness of the rest of the scene.

Venus de Milo, The Louvre, Paris (29 April 2006)

It was a national holiday weekend the day we visited the Louvre. The place was teeming with people. Our group was not up for the full experience so we bee-lined to a few of the classic museum features before hitting the streets again. I believe I had to wait a while to see this much of Venus without a mob in front of her…as the first photo above attests. When the crowd finally cleared, I snapped off one (and only one) shot. Regrettably, all I can see is this visitor grabbing her ass.

Be patient, my friends.

(or crop away the lower quarter of the picture)


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