Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Shot of the Day – 5 – Ibis in the Morning

Ibis in the Morning, Audubon Park, New Orleans (13 October 2007)

I actually thought about posting more gray, gloomy images in keeping with everyone’s least favorite month. Then I came across this shot. A bright, October morning in Audubon Park…a gem of real estate in uptown New Orleans.

A flock of ibises (yes, I looked it up) treads across the dewy fairway on the tidy little golf course in the middle of the park. Apart from solid, rule-of-thirds composition, the picture may not highlight other photographic qualities…but I like it. We don’t see birds like this around here.

And another thing. I like this picture because it’s one of the few that has a clever title…provided you remember that radio program.

Like many famous artists, I am more likely to name a series “Urban Abstracts # 1 - 20”. Nothing memorable there. A title that further connects you to the image is a wonderful thing. I may be all wet on this but, in my limited participation in photo competitions, I get the impression a clever title helps to make a good impression.

Just sayin’.


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