Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Shot of the Day – 6 – Dogwood in Snow

Dogwood in Snow (10 December 2013)

We are nearing the end of one of our winterless winters. Apart from a few dustings, better managed with a broom, there has been no snow to speak of. Maybe if I post another winter scene, the weather gods will bless us with more of the white stuff.

Not all deciduous trees drop their leaves in the autumn. The dogwoods here stand out in the forest when all the other trees are bare. Throw in a snowfall with the small, light flakes that cover every leaf and the smallest of branches and the scene is almost abstract. I think the image also works because there is essentially one color.

It is really another ‘Right Place – Right Time’ moment since the breezes and sun cleared the trees shortly thereafter. Good thing this view was ten feet from the front door.


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